A Joint initiative of Departments of Higher Education, Environment and Climate Change, Government of Kerala and Kerala Startup Mission to Enhance the Green Cover of Campus.


“CAMPUS GREEN" is a joint initiative of Departments of Higher Education, Environment and Climate Change, Government of Kerala and Kerala Startup Mission with an objective to enhance the green cover of selected campus. Selected startups and Student innovators are required to design, develop, and maintain a forestation/landscape project in an area of one to three acres in identified campuses in the State of Kerala.

The project intended to leverage technology to address the sustainability challenges associated with on-campus greening initiatives. GREEN CAMPUS aims to provide funding support to novel solutions and innovative projects proposed by Startups and Student Innovators. The objective of the programme is to welcome “implementable Solutions” from Students, faculty and Startups to improve the environmental performance and floral diversity in an identified campus. The program intents to contribute to the overall environmental performance of the state, foster environmental literacy, behavioural impact, community engagement, training & learning opportunities in green-innovation domain.

The Program supports implementable-solutions / projects that are specifically aligned with the goals, standards, and commitments in ensuring a greener campus. Student startups faculties , and startups are eligible to submit ideas with an implementation plan to develop a Pilot / Proof of Concept. Special consideration is given to projects that use technology for scaling up, have a viable business model and thus have the potential to replicate this model in other campuses in the future.

Who can apply ?

Last Date to Apply: 20th September 2020

Selection criteria?

  • Projects that leveraging technology will receive priority consideration
  • Innovative business model and sustainability of the project
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Visibility and replicability
  • Measurable impact on resource conservation or other sustainability metrics
  • Impact on furthering greening campus efforts
  • Quality of work plan and application. Detailed timelines.
  • Team profile and capabilities.
  • Ability to demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment.
  • Ideas should have an inherent pay-back structure.

Potential areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimal planting of saplings and survivability of minimum 3 years One-stop portal in identifying the lands available in each campus, suggesting plant variants based on geo-climatic particulars of the region. Assigning a committed team to nurture and ensure survivability. Innovative incentive structure or monitoring of the team.
  • Remote monitoring using sensors and management protocols to ensure growth.Ensuring transparency, authenticity and capturing public imaginations. Use of satellite images or drone technologies coupled with sensors or other grounded equipment etc for proper monitoring of growth and engaging with the larger community to update the status of each plant / the cluster. SoP for regular watering, weeding, or other agricultural practices and mechanism to monitor the same.
  • Return from planted Trees (Trees as mementos, optimal harvesting, alumni engagement) Trees as mementos are becoming popular : A well designed green certificate which dedicate a tree in her name. Using technology (a QR code will be in the certificate which can be used by the recipient to see her tree at any time) one can track the growth of a tree at any time. Innovative ideas to scale this model.Extended the successful models of Agri-Tech e-commerce startups for supporting growth of trees and long duration plants. Innovative collaboration with win-win propositions to both Agri-Tech ,ecommerce startups and young entrepreneurs. Enabling Alumni’s to plant a tree in a preferred spot in the campus, monitor it’s growth and provided with regular update
  • Designing and maintaining landscape using emerging technologies.
  • Linking and leveraging carbon credits or other green accreditations/accolades. Innovative models which could ensure an individual / institution in growing plants in their backyard.